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Desire is exactly what you'd expect with a name like this: a 'game' to add a spicy and fun touch to your relationship. And no, it's not a digital version of the old throw-a-dice sex moves game, but something far more interesting.

To use Desire properly, both you and your partner need to have it installed on your devices. You can both send each other more or less spicy dares, which give you points if you win them. With these points you can unlock new dares, which makes it interesting to keep winning all of them.

You can even create your own dares, writing the name and a short description. You can then share it as you would do with the rest of the challenges, and if you win, it will of course also give you points.

Desire is an excellent 'game' for adults that lets you have some fun in your relationship, and maybe even improve your sex life with it. Apart from that, the app's design is also really great.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher