Exploration Craft


A block world that's just as amazing as Minecraft


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Exploration Craft is an exploration and building game. It's very similar to Minecraft in that you can create your own virtual world, block by block, using different types of building blocks.

Unlike Minecraft, however, Exploration Craft does not have a creative nor a survival mode. Instead, it has an exploration mode where you discover a spectacular new world. In this mode, you can build all types of buildings using your blocks. However, you can't create any tools, not even the classic worktable.

The fact that there's no worktable, no tools, and no 'craftable' elements means there are fewer possibilities in Exploration Craft than in other games like it. However, it makes up for this by offering dozens of different colored blocks for constructing houses and other buildings.

Visually speaking, Exploration Craft is virtually identical to Minecraft. It has a block-based style, so despite having low-resolution textures, it still has a nice look to it.

Exploration Craft is a slightly different variation of Minecraft. It's a fun game, though not very original.

Requires Android 2.3.3 or higher

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