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Foosio is an interesting app to take your soccer experience to the next level. If you like soccer, follow national and international matches, and fancy managing your own teams, then this is the perfect app for you.

The way Foosio works is pretty simple. You can access a list of all the ongoing matches or those that will be played soon. Once you choose the match you want to bet on, you can choose the four components of your team. Then you'll begin to compete on the app with this dream team.

And why is this app so special? Because your success in the game depends on the success of your team in real life. Like this you can check the progress of the match in real time, see how the players you chose are doing, and, if they're not playing as well as you hoped, exchange them for others. If your team is the best, you'll win the virtual match and earn points you can use on the app to get cool perks.

Foosio is definitely a unique app with an interesting concept that's incredibly well-executed. Try it and enjoy soccer like never before!
By Álvaro Toledo
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