2.6.0 for Android

An Android version of the classic Freeciv


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Freeciv is the Android version of the classic turn-based strategy game. Just like the Windows version, the app is totally free.

The goal in Freeciv is to guide your civilization from prehistory to modern times, forming cities, constructing all kinds of buildings and wonders, recruiting soldiers, etc. Basically, you have to create an empire that lasts more than 4 thousand years.

The gameplay is already well-known by any Civilization fan: you play by turns and have to manage your empire, keeping in mind: the population of your cities, your production, borders, diplomatic relations, and your army.

This app is great for any Freeciv fan, letting you play anywhere you go, right on your Android. The only drawback is that the interface is not as well adjusted to touch screens as it could be.
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