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Following in the footsteps of Dark Souls


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Animus Harbinger is an action adventure game for Android that's heavily inspired by games made at From Software studio -- precisely, the Dark Souls sagas. This title builds on the difficulty; original gameplay and dark fantasy vibe that Dark Souls conjures.

The only main difference between Harbinger and previous games is that it's based on a world of gameplay that's a completely separate realm. In that, it's an interconnected area map-wise, but each section actually has a completely different mission that you'll need to finish (without dying) in order to preserve any of your previous resources.

In terms of system controls, you'll find that the vantage point taken here while fighting your adversary tends to pivot on its own axe, thereby slightly skewing movements while you're dodging their blows. A bit of patience, and sufficient attention will come in handy when it comes to figuring out exactly how to dodge your enemy's attack routine--key for survival.

Animus Harbinger is a curious Android game. Again, it's heavily inspired by Dark Souls (a major PC and console hit)--while retaining this experience when played from your smartphone's touchscreen. Plus, due to the fact that it fractions up game sections into smaller, bite-sized missions with a specific quest objection provides a nearly seamless adaptation to mobile gaming.
By Erika Okumura

You're going to need at least Android 8.0 to run this game.


This DEMO version only comes with access to a single mission.