Klondike Adventures


Experience grand adventures during the Alaska gold rush


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Klondike Adventures is a fun game that transports you to Alaska during the time of the gold rush to explore the lands, experience great adventures, and build a city. You'll accompany Kate and Paul as they explore the frigid northern lands and discover the history of the indigenous people who live there.

When you start out playing Klondike Adventures, you'll start in a city that's half in ruins and lacking in resources. In the beginning you can farm pees, which you can later harvest and continue planting. With this farming, you can earn money, which you can invest in getting farm animals, as well as improve the city's facilities and factories, and thus, multiplying the ability to collect resources.

Gradually, your little town without any resources will become a big, rich, and prosperous city. Until then, you can organize expeditions to explore the most surprising corners of Alaska and find treasures and incredible locations.

Klondike Adventures is a strategy game with really beautiful graphics and an entertaining and addictive gameplay.

Requires Android 4.4 or higher

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