Kung Fu Z


Use your Kung Fu skills to kill zombies


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Kung Fu Z is a fun fighting game that manages to combine the style of Double Dragon or River City Ransom. It's a combo of well-designed gameplay, 'beat'em up' controllers and traditional clicker games. With zombies, martial arts and pop culture added into this zany mix.

Controls in Kung Fu Z are very simple: by touching the sides of the screen, your character springs into action and attacks in that direction. Use the buttons in the lower left corner of the screen to trigger special attacks. Finally, in the upper right corner access your inventory, which restocks whenever you earn coins by defeating zombies.

One of the fun perks of Kung Fu Z is the large range of shirts, pants and hats that you can buy for your character, so you can defeat the apocalypse in style. Combining all the pieces of clothing not only makes your character incredibly customizable, but also improves their skills and talents.

Kung Fu Z is an arcade game that is as simple as it is fun, with lovely pixelated graphics and a great variety of enemies, bosses, special attacks and costumes. An entertaining title to keep you occupied for hours.
By Erika Okumura

Requires Android 4.1 or higher

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