Last Pirate Island Survival


Fight for your life on this perilous island


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Last Pirate Island Survival is an action adventure game where your objective is to make it out alive on an island teeming with trouble. To that effect, you'll need to jump into the skin of a pirate, pick up enough tools, water and food supplies in order to fight off your enemies.

Graphics in Last Pirate Island Survival display a full set of characters and a number of 3D scenarios. Indubiously, there's more than meets the eye in this game. As you roam around each scene, you'll find that danger lurks at every corner and unexpected risks are waiting for you even in seemingly placid areas. Thankfully, controllers are fairly intuitive so you'll move around each scene simply by using a virtual cross-pad. In order to execute any specific action, all you have to do is hit the corresponding action button for your choice.

In Last Pirate Island Survival, you'll have a backpack to hold all the tools and weapons scavaged as you go. That way anytime you're in need you can grab a tool from your pack and increase your chances to stay alive. In fact, you'll have a full set of hand axes for woodcutting and knives to craft anything you need to build. Zombies are on your tail, use these potentially life-saving weapons to your best advantage by hacking at them to fend them off.

If you're looking for a way to feel the true thrills of surviving on a zombie-infested, pirate island then Last Pirate Island Survival is just the right amounts of action and adventure for you. Keep your eyes peeled and watch out for your
By Erika Okumura

Android 4.2 or higher required