School Girls Simulator


Life as a Japanese school girl


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School Girls Simulator is an adventure game where you play as a student at a Japanese school, going through your daily routine. You can do whatever you want, so you can choose whether you want to go to class like a good student or let things get a bit out of hand.

The possibilities are endless in School Girls Simulator, and there are tons of objects that you can interact with in various ways. Although there are all kinds of weapons scattered around, you can also pick up more typical items and drive all kinds of vehicles to your heart's desire.

One of the most interesting parts of School Girls Simulator is the option to do missions, which give you an objective to keep in mind. These missions will encourage you to go to different clubs, build relationships with other characters in the game, or even get rid of zombies plaguing the school.

School Girls Simulator is a fun third-person sandbox game that offers infinite possibilities. Although the technical aspects could be better, the game lets you experience what it's like to be in a real Japanese school.
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