Tons of documentaries in a single app


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Yaddo is an app that helps you enjoy tons of documentaries directly on your Android device. In order to watch any of the many documentaries available, you need to have an active username and subscription. You can easily register from the app.

Yaddo’s design is simple and intuitive which makes it easy to find any documentary you’re interested in watching. For example, in the ‘docville’ category, you can watch Yaddo original productions that can only be found in this app.

Not unlike other similar video services, you can stream the documentaries as well as download them and watch them offline later on. The only requirement, as mentioned above, is an active subscription.

Yaddo is a super interesting app for any documentary lover. You can enjoy dozens of documentaries on a range of different topics and some of them are exclusive to this platform.

Requires Android 4.3 or higher